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A Rouge Jedi
Whose Aim is Way Off the Mark
Eergh... Man, what the HELL did I DO last night?

...Well... hangover means I got piss drunk, that's for sure...  Crap.... I coulda sworn someone was with me...


Well... whatever I was drinking, I dun like Correllian wiskey na more... Damn, that stuff was good....
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Well, I've been here for about two weeks now- And I have to say I rather like it. I can take it easy if I wanna, but I've also met a few people.

Including Captain Hitsugaya... Whom I'm still calling Chibi-Trike, personally, since that name is so damn impossible to pronounce and spell...

It seems we're going to be GOOD FRIENDS from now on... and, if I can get into the habit of writing in this journal, then I'll probably be better off...
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Well, this wasn't a total loss- apparently this is just some wierd place where random shit happens.

I can deal with that.

Now, if I could just find a partner to spar with and keep in shape, someone who knows where the kitchen is and can cook, and someone who has no objections to a hot girl topping him, and I'm SET!
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